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Welcome to the Slap Shot Fantasy Hockey League!

There are tons of Fantasy Leagues to choose from....why choose us? We previously had two levels of league but wanted to be able to focus on just one for awhile, so we folded the Basic league into the Premiere league, but will be doing away with the name premiere as it now has no meaning. We do have annual dues that cover both regular season and playoffs and offer prize money for both. The rosters have a player maximum 19 players with *2 keepers* allowed per team, but with the blending of the two decided to go with One keeper this year to allow more talent for those transitioning for the other league. We will resume the 2 keepers the following season and will be moving all of them from a 3 year to a 2 year contract. The 2 year contract start the season after you drafted the players, so essentially you have them three seasons. We have a great group of GM's, many having been with us for 10-15 years and draft day is a lot of fun and offers a great chance to do some trash talking before the season gets underway.

We use NHL stats and a well balanced points system to keep the competition close. We offer a combined package that includes both the regular season as well as the playoffs. We also utilize the an Online drafting system (ESPN) for drafting only to make it a quick and efficient draft. After draft day all information and rosters are managed through our site. General Managers have a budget of $88.5 million for the 2024-25 season with which to draft their team. Live drafts are completed for each league and we enforce the NHL salary cap as per the cap numbers provided by and stats provided by Hockey Check our rules and information page for more details on joining the leagues.

We do currently have teams open in the league and please inquire for details. Current GM's will be locked in at the end of June and we will know by them how many teams are available. I apologize for so much of information not being up to date but a transition of this magnitude is messy and did not want to take the site down during the change over due to loss of presence making it more of a challenge to bring in new GM's.

If you have an interest in joining and pickling up an available team please let me know

Think you've got what it takes to win the SSFHL Title or the SSFHL Cup?!.....Prove It!


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